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Panache:Prefab: Lockup Hut


A fresh start

This website & blog.. I  decided to simply start fresh with only my new and very recent creations. I won't be importing any old blog posts. I will however likely create a gallery of photos. which will include of course my old works and random things.


Some history

So what or who is Zyrra.  well me of course. and I generally have very little to say outloud. I will though try to make more of an effort.  And well for anyone who cares, I'm really quite friendly and easy to talk to. so if ever you want to say hi or something  by all means do so :)  oh and.. I hate using the backspace key and I rarely will use any kind of proper grammar or punctuation. I type as if I'm having a casual conversation. so don't be surprised when you see typos and such. I just  don't care to pretend to be more of a writer then I am.

Panache history.. Panache has a long and old history & has been around since some of the early years of Second Life.  Hey i actually started out as Lil one . and then lil one hair salon. Then with the addition of my partner, HoseQueen & her biz , Elements Boutique. We evolved into Panache. Quite a cool place to shop for hair, skins, clothing, fun & whackiness & lots of parties.. so, yeah thats Panache in a very tiny nutshell.

Panache today. is essentially a destination. I have all my various projects there. primarily my new retail projects. which focus on prefab structures, furnishings,  home & garden type decor.  I generally use my name as my brand, zyrra falcone. I also have a second sim. called Zyrra. this is where I am recreating my hair shop. and it's just going to be called, Zyrra.  Easy right. yep thats my plan. Hey you might even see the ghost of HoseQueen floating around now n then. if you see a plunger whiz past your head, thats her . trying to impale your face in. lol

ok enough talking for now. I'm quite bored of it  . lol


It works!

yay it works. the blog is set up, all the categories are functional. hrm galleries need some work . and lots to upload.  I think I will just not bother transfering old blog entries... undecided .. also need to work on some more creative graphics at some point.  but uhm . yay it works!


Ok gonna get this thing done

this week, this month, or this year.. lol


still working on my website

I guess having a website doesn't interest me that much. lol


under construction

check back soon!